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Wear the world by Cream

It's no necessarily hard to do better or elevate one's sustainable game when crafting products and using natural resources.

As a fashion brand, you can absolutely break with the ordinary and indutry norms while continuing to stay true to yourself without compromising on quality or look.

For us, it's ultimately time to re-boot and discover our world anew and caring for the environment definitely infuses every new season of style.


We don't pretend to be something that we're not, and we fundamentally accept that we can't change all the problems of the world at once, but we can try to 'take on' the world, and as we do, we find new promises of innovation that provide stability to our consumption and match our personality.


''Wear the World'' is a new beginning, our new beginning.


It calls for action. From you. From all of us.

Select those products with sustainability stitched into the very seam and pair them with your already existing wardrobe. After all, balance is key!

A lifeline to Cambodia