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CREAM is a brand that cares about the people and the planet surrounding us. We know that also we play a part in ensuring a better place for our next generations to grow up in..

CREAM is part of DK Company where there is great emphasis on improving the lives of workers worldwide and the environment.

Please follow this link to see how we work with sustainability at DK Company:

As a brand we contribute to the overall sustainability strategy by sourcing through approved suppliers and being creative within the boundaries of our sustainable material strategy. As an add-on to our products, you will in the future experience more and more sustainable materials added.  

We hope you will like it as much as we do.
Cream Clothing

It’s all about minding the details! And it has been that way ever since 2004 when CREAM came to life.
For over a decade, CREAM has been celebrating femininity, offering a unique, trendy signature look
that speaks directly to the heart of the woman who adores bohemian luxury with a Scandinavian feel.
Each collection is defined by details in all forms, highlighting the uniqueness that is CREAM.